The Bespoke Process

1. Consultation

At the consultation you will discuss with the tailor the desired garment and style for your commission. The tailor with then take detailed measurements to ensure a fit bespoke to you.

You will be guided through the process with the tailor who will provide their expert advice to ensure you receive a garment suited to your requirements. We offer a wide range of cloths offering practicality and a unique style.

2. First Fitting

At this stage you will try on your garment for the first time. Known as the baste, the garment is sewn lightly together so the tailor can check the basic fit of your pattern.

Basic parts of the garment are sewn together with minimal interior construction, canvas and shoulder padding. It's important as a new client to ensure the fit is right for your shape; specifically the shoulders and posture. At this stage you’ll be able to choose the finish parts, such as the buttons, their colour, finish and material.

3. Second Fitting

Now the majority of the garment is constructed, it allows for final adjustments to ensure the garments fits correctly and you the client are happy.

After the baste fitting, the garment was taken apart and precisely sewn back together taking into consideration the adjustments after the first fitting. Now finer elements can be examined, such as the sleeves and collar, which are the final parts to be fitted.

4. Completion

This is the final fitting and to check you are happy with the finished garment. It's now ready for you to wear.

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Cloths Available:

Bateman Ogden




Dashing Tweeds

Duffin & Peace


Ermenegildo Zegna

Fox Brothers

H Lesser & Son


Holland & Sherry

Hardy Minnis

Hunt & Winterbottom

JJ Minnis

Kirkton Tweed

Lear Browne & Dunsford

Loro Piana

Pedersen & Becker

Porter & Harding

Savile Row Cloth Company


Smith Woolens

Thomas Fisher

Yorkshire Textiles


W Bill